About Us

The Makkah Clock Tower

The Makkah Clock Tower is a landmark building of unrivaled dimensions. Pushing the boundaries of engineering and technology, it united a team of worldwide renowned experts in its realization and set an impressive number of world records, including the biggest clock drive and the highest clock tower.

It has quickly become an important center of timekeeping and crescent sighting, hosting the Makkah Time Institute, creating an independent time signal, the Makkah Time (MT), and the King Abdullah Center for Crescent Sighting and Astronomy. The tower’s own cutting-edge crescent sighting telescopes provide Muslims worldwide with exact times for the beginning of Islamic prayer times and holidays. The Makkah Clock Tower is more than an architectural masterpiece - it marks a new era in Islamic timekeeping.

The Makkah Clock Shop

The Makkah Clock Shop offers exclusive and worldwide unique products to the visitors of the Makkah Clock Tower. The range features a variety of fine jewelry, watches, educational toys, tower models and replica, exclusively designed for the Makkah Clock Tower. In close collaboration with architects and engineers, items like tower replica, watches and fine jewelry have been modeled after the original designs of the Makkah Clock Tower. All materials used have been carefully chosen; a large part of the items have been made in Germany by long-standing manufacturers.

A special collection of luxury clocks and watches, exclusively designed for the Makkah Clock Tower using only the finest materials, completes this special and representative product range.

With the Makkah Clock Online Shop, these coveted items are now made available to customers worldwide.